Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pajama night

February 2013

The girls' school sponsored story night where the teacher acted out bedtime stories and the kids were able to wear the pajamas to school. Thanks goodness Grandma and Grandpa Matthews got us cute pajamas for Christmas!   The teachers did a great job and the kids loved wearing their pajamas to school. I told them when they get in college everyone wears their pajamas to school. They thought I was kidding.


Taber & Rebecca said...

Hoo-Ray for updates! Your kids are ADORABLE!

Lisa said...

What an incredibly charmed life! For all of us! A testimony of God having a better plan than what any of us could have imagined. Those babies are our life!

Sharon said...

LOVED the new posts and pictures! And enjoyed seeing you guys a couple of weeks ago. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!