Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lovey Dovey

February 2013

Tesi and Millie both decided they wanted to try something new this month. They had been playing soccer for months and wanted to do something girly. So we enrolled Tesi in ballet. I was actually surprised that she was such a natural.  She is so graceful and it is actually beautiful to watch.  Millie took to gymnastics like a fish takes to water.  She is the most flexible person I know and if all else fails she can be a human contortionist when she grows up.  My mom had shirts made for the girls that said sweetie pie and then matching headbands with their names bejeweled on them.  The girls were thrilled as they like anything that blings.  Reeve got a cool basketball sporty outfit and was happy.  I dont know if I got a picture of him in it but he is so cute.  He also started soccer. He begged me, so I finally signed him up. Well at this age it is really not soccer, more like herd ball.  Half way through the season I finally realized he was only going for the snack.  The whole practice and game he would ask when was snack.  In all the games, we would find a friend on the opposite team and hold hands and run around with him. At one point he ran up to the coach for the other team and kissed his hand and ran off.  Then he would also go around the field following the coaches and try to have conversations with them. It was cute but we decided we would hold off on sports for him until he is a little older.  Soccer for Reeve was snack and social hour. LOL!

This was millie's first day. See how flexible she is?

Miltons birthday was in February. He did not really want a big party or anything but we still threw a party for him with just us.  Reeve picked the theme.  Thanks goodness I have a ton of pirate stuff because I have a certain little boy that loves pirates

We also ended a 40 day fast with our church. At the end we had a Samoan Luau.  I was excited and grateful that the girls were able to participate in their culture. We spent the day cooking Samoan food and they even got to wear a puletasi to the event and learn to dance.  It was a good memory and lots of fun. 

Valentine teachers gifts this year. 

Grandma was able to come to the parties.  

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Lisa said...

So the kids fasted for 40 days?!?! Wow! haha